As a natural product, leather gets marks and scratches when used. This brings out its natural beauty and personality.

The more it's used the softer it gets. Handing out the same style of leather bag to two people would - after years of use- result in two different bags with unique marks. This uniqueness might be the secret of these long loved favourites.

The leather I prefer to use is sturdy cowhide. It shows a warm, transparent colouring full of nuances, like a good quality wood. It is very strong and ages beautifully over the years.

Only the horizontal/diagonal neck part of animal skin is used for bag leather: it is the most even in regards to thickness and structure. This leather shows characteristics of the animal life, such as injuries and grazes. Theses are the visible scars, lines and cracks and they don't diminish leather quality, rather they underline its individual uniqueness.

Happy cows not only give better quality milk, they also produce better quality leather. Cattle growing up in an environment appropriate for their species, experience less stress and develop healthily-this shows at their skins.
Apart from cow hide occasionally I work with pig-skin and chevreaux leather. Rarely I use deerskin and exotic animal leather like snake, lizard-skin or ray.